Telephone Sales

Lead Acquisition

Whether using local cold calling techniques or sourcing automatically through text campaigns, we provide on-going lead generation for businesses looking to add accounts and get more out of previously secured ones.

Outbound Telemarketing

Wynter Consultants, LLC telemarketing campaigns include lead generation, targeted solicitation wherein time of call and audience location are factored for optimal conversion. Conversions are scheduled with our Client/Donor Relations and Billing Calendar and shared with the client.

Sales Call Scripting

Client telephone sales call scripts are constructed using Wynter Consultants, LLC approaches and techniques. Script composition factors common customer objections and/or questions that routinely hinder the sales process. During the scripting process, physical and electronic logistical considerations are factored to make both approach and conversion simplest for the sales-person.

Sales Acquisition Tracking

We provide detailed reporting on call attempts, answers, and conversational noting that provides insight into “most common objections”. This provides for agility in responding to customer demand.

Cloud Forms Composition

Wynter Consultants, LLC cloud forms deliver beautiful notifications that can be used as reservation, service, food, or any kind of “order” the client desires. This simple tool allows customers to make mobile requests for service, which are received immediately, and processed at the business owners convenience.

Customer Service Script Composition 

Receipt Composition

Answering Service