Customer/Donor Relations and Billing

Customer/Donor Support

In our experience, tested responses work best to mitigate unavoidable problems such as weather or the occasional vehicle breakdown that stand between organizations and its supporters. During questionnaire sessions, we factor common and uncommon trouble then develop simple comprehensive responses that ensure customer satisfaction while solving communication between both parties. Customer Service Protocol services include communique for both telephone and written correspondence.

Donation/Payment Systems

WC implements suitable applications and emerging technologies to streamline payment processing at the store and on the go. Combined with Google supported reservations systems, that provide access to customer orders for one or multiple parties, scheduling and billing for any service is made easier. Records are kept accurately and without additional effort.

*Reservations and Calendaring

WC now offers answering services for small business and non-profits, post consultation. *This service should not be confused with typical message services that may deliver transcribed messages. Instead, we consult with the client about possible questions during the campaign and respond as if a member of your team.

Reservations Order System

Reservations or service orders, depending on the type of business being conducted, are sometimes tricky to keep organized. WC reservations systems operate in conjunction with the client website and is made available for interface with the public.

Calendar Management

Our paperless payment processing systems work with existing POS setups, and provide for amazingly simple data management and easy re-solicitation.

Customer Service Systems Training and Troubleshooting

Training and troubleshooting of issues related to Apps within client networks is also offered. This task normally takes around one (1) hour per week to complete, but may be adjusted dependent on the size of the client and project specifications.

Product/Service Photo Shoot

Logo Design

Ad Art 

Print 6*9

Print 8*11 Menu Toppers

Print 8*11 Door Hanger


Printed Poster Dissemination

Printed Banner Dissemination

Pop Up Tent Brand Ambassadors

Solicitation Script Composition

Prospective Customer Contacts Lists Creation and Management