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Canvass Campaign Staffing

Wynter Consultants, LLC campaign executives are trained to discuss client products, services, or charitable endeavors. Literature about the client is designed, printed, and disseminated. Face-to-face campaign pricing is based on literature design, print and dissemination requested.

Contacts are garnered through face-to-face, and business-to-business campaigns for your various purposes. Electronic transaction forms that automatically transfer customer/donor contact information to spreadsheets are created. We further positive interactions by asking interested parties to contribute to the cause being discussed or purchase the service/item of concern on a recurring basis. Clients retain and can use contact logs for later re-solicitation.

We include up to five (5) clients select services, products, or donation packages to WC Canvassing Laminates. Our Brand Ambassadors are able to transfer prospective customer information in real time. We organize contacts on cloud based lists that can be uploaded and used in subsequent newsletter, email, phone, or face-to-face campaigns.

Menu Toppers Distribution

$250 for Menu Print of 10,000

$250 discount for distributorship

Quarter Page Pamphlet Distribution

Potential customers actually get your ads in their hands with brand ambassador there to answer all their questions.

$250.00 for Distribution (as previously described)

– Up to 700/day

Enhanced Pamphlet Distribution

$250 for Enhanced Pamphlet (EP) print of 10,000

$250.00 Distribution (as previously described)

Up to 500/day due to interaction