Our People

Our associates’ dedication to the solution of each facet of “the organizational problem” separates us from traditional fundraising, marketing, law or franchising firms. Skilled, goal-oriented, and committed to excellence, we deliver simple solutions that enhance operation.

Our Cause

We believe that “artists” should focus on “art,” so too should the charity, service-provider and inventor. Our cause is your cause–whether that’s promoting your cause, restaurant or product.

Our Mission

Find the best marketing and management solutions for each client.

Our Values

Service >> Value >> Trust

Letter from the Founder

Dear Visitor,

Wynter Consultants, LLC has been a labor of love that has sometimes been an arduous but inspiring journey. Every day presents a new and invigorating challenge. Through it all, I have remained emboldened and encouraged by the fact that the work we do lays the foundation for businesses to make their employee’s lives better.

I am deeply committed to our clients. When it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and return patronage for them, my philosophy is that we have an obligation to create an inter-organizational relationship based on trust, provide excellent service, and add value.

Wynter Consultants, LLC carefully selects client partners. We align ourselves with organizations that also do quality work, have long-term goals, and a mission to make a positive, sustainable impact. Although Wynter Consultants, LLC was originally created to fund-raise for humanitarian organizations, we have since expanded our client roster to include for profit business, and now cater our full menu of services to them.

As we continue on our mission, we want to expand our own organization by building a network of creative, passionate employees who seek to be and do better the next day. I want to expand our clientele to an even more diverse spectrum of projects. On the way, I will continue working to build this company’s reputation for integrity and providing quality service.


Michael B. Wynter, Jr.