Wynter Consultants, LLC Company Timeline


Best Practice Oriented

Since starting back in 2011, Wynter Consultants, LLC has remained focus on providing the greatest value for its clients, while enhancing their long-term prospects. We have done this by seeking advice from experts in education, the sciences, the military, seasoned entrepreneurs via SCORE, as well as peers. We aren’t bashful about learning best practices, trying them and steering clients clear of ones that don’t work or aren’t suitable.


Under-served Community Engagement

This year Access Point, a legitimization, accounting and payroll company (AP), has partnered with Wynter Consultants, LLC and Global African Community Education Development in order to expose apprentices to more wonderful trades. In 2017, we will be seeking occupational licenses and state of Maryland Minority Business Enterprise certifications for Conscious Apparel, RealtyTrust, Good Food and Beverage, DeliverMe, and Cuddlebugs Early Learning Centers.