Entrepreneurship-based Vocational Training

Enriching the Community

Our marketing courses teach simple system-based sales tactics and services–educating apprentices on communication while providing time management training. Entrepreneurs we graduate normally hire others within their respective communities. Where there are claims for more positive role models, GACED works to answer with trained problem solvers.

Apprenticeship Routines

Mondays – Fridays – 9:30 – 12:00PM

Class Room Instruction

Mondays – Fridays – 1:00 – 5:00PM

Practical Business-to-Business Sales Training

Apprentices must come for the first 10 days, because of the boot camp being in person training of direct sales and fundraising and fundraising, then the program can be accessed virtually via Google meet.

Apprentices normally spend workdays alternating between marketing and labor. This is planned and tracked on Availability Logs and their respective Daily Plans. During training apprentices learn the Urgency Curve sales process, which is applicable to most scenarios, and is the basis for incremental and long term pitching to potential customers.

Google Programming

Apprentices learn how to use GACED’s Google Mail, Drive, and Calendar systems to record leads, obtain sales conversions, and conduct services in accordance with marketing disciplines and service protocols. This end-to-end processing of sales and services provides apprentices with real-world scope. Failures happen inevitably in this pursuit. But that makes plain the idea that perseverance drives growth.

We are governed strictly by the notion that life’s opportunities repeat, but they must be seized or one is forced to endure another cycle until it returns. Due to necessity that other students progress, we adhere to a rigid schedule that is not interrupted. Students are permitted absences but are required to catch up by the test day. Missing this twice forces permanent excuse from the Apprenticeship.

As entrepreneur trainees, apprentices are taught to think critically in response to dynamic challenges their project must navigate. Each apprentice is responsible for multiple job descriptions in addition to passing relative tests.

Level 1 Training Description

Level One training involves twenty (20) days of project Phone Solicitation, where pitching multiple training projects provides real-world practice and fosters the confidence to compose accurate, professional apprentice project social media campaigns, design and print via Conscious Apparel and through Wynter Consultants, LLC website development.

Level 2 Training Description

Level Two training is the subsequent 10 day period in which Direct (or face-to-face) Solicitation is the focus. Using Positivity Mobile Detailing, Positivity Indoor and Outdoor Services, and Good Food and Beverage for laborer management training, students compose a business plan, learn logistical training via DeliverMe; property leasing and management training via RealtyTrust; small item production and group reservation services via Jacuba Luxury Products and Destinations.

Level 3 Training Description

Level Three training involves thirty (30) days of apprentice project developmental: through Wynter Consultants, LLC customer/donor relations and billing, social media management; publishing and promotion via Positivity Publishing; accounts payable/receivable via Access Point; childcare center management via Care Center; as well as GACED human resources recruiting and management conclude training.

On the first Day

Apprentices should wear khaki pants, A red or black t-shirt (for labor), apprentices can also wear a reasonable substitution of any of the above but appearance must be business casual.

Apprentice Pay

Apprentices calculate sales margins that guide proper revenue distribution, usually resulting in more than 25 percent sales commission on GACED training projects.

Apprentices are advised to apportion 45 percent of sales revenue for the hiring of additional laborers (should the selling apprentice see fit). Apprentices also receive tips that usually come with labor jobs.

Bonuses are paid for posts about apprentice labor performance.

Program Benefits

NYC HRA Associated Benefit: Transit Fare

Level 1 – Apprentice Project, EIN Certificate Obtained

Level 1 – Apprentice Project DUNS No. Filed

Level 1 – Apprentice Project Services Protocol, Order Form, Order Spreadsheet, Composition Training Completed

Level 1 – Apprentice Project Inventory Form Composition Training Completed

Level 2 – Apprentice Project Logo Design Training Completed

Level 2 – Apprentice Project Advertisement Print Training Completed

Level 2 – Apprentice Project Social Media Suite Creation and Management Training Completed

Level 2 – Apprentice Project Website Creation and Management Training Completed

Level 2 – Apprentice Project Business Cards Print Purchased

Level 2 – Apprentice Project MBE Certification (if applicable) Training Completed

Level 3 – Apprentice Project Logoed Souvenirs Purchased

Level 3 – Apprentice Project Branded Uniforms Purchased

Level 3 – Apprentice Project AP Insurance Policy Purchased

Level 3 – Apprentice Project Positivity Market – Local Deal (with support services by Wynter Consultants, LLC & Access Point Accounting) Promotion Created