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Customer Donor/Relations and Billing

Wynter Consultants, LLC Customer Donor/Relations and Billing (WC-CDR) conducts services for various campaigns by answering phones, scheduling client appointments via email, organizing client customer contact information, composing and disseminating client service notifications, as well conducting client billing.


Brand Consulting & Management

Wynter Consultants, LLC facilitates brand-building and awareness-creation for small businesses and nonprofits. Our mission is to support and guide. Toward that end, we channel our business expertise and creativity into developing customer service and marketing disciplines on multiple platforms, fusing that with digital media production.

With your vision, we build systems that make getting to the next level easy.


Planning & Outreach

WC consultants conduct a series of questionnaire sessions that get to the bottom of client operations. We challenge owners and board members to engage prospective long-term outcomes and work with them to develop responses that promote growth and efficiency. Our work, alongside client employees at the ground level, allows us to understand product/service delivery challenges and rewrite policy.


Franchising & Expansion

Wynter Consultants, LLC researches requirements for federal and state occupational licensing and certifications. WC uses advanced analytics to discover target demographics in optimal locales. During the franchising process, brand market testing is conducted by focus group and residential/street canvassing to obtain augmentations that should be adopted operational protocols before satellite station launches.

WC inspects business operations, cataloging common practices. After a complete assessment of services, sluggish processes are mitigated and codified onto a cloud system for employee access in the office or the field.